28 Jan Breaking Down Your Brand

How to Improve it’s Quality One Component at a Time

Whenever you go to tackle such a vast project like evaluating and improving the strength of your brand, it’s helpful to start with the basics; like a definition.

Per the dictionary (yes they still exist), a brand related to a person or company is defined as: “kind, grade, or make as indicated by a stamp, trademark or the like.”  In other words a brand can be anything as long as their is association between that person or object and an end result or emotional reaction or thought.

Given that knowledge, we broke a brand down into 3-broad categories, 1. Design, 2. product/service quality and 3. People.  In this blog we will briefly cover what these categories contain, then offer 3-tips for evaluating and or improving each component.  The result of following these tips should be an overall improvement in brand recognition, quality and consistency.

  1. Design

The design of your brand consists of more than just your logo, although that is important.  It includes things like corporate identity documents like letterhead, trifold brochures, business cards and the like, as well as audio-visual elements like color combinations, messaging slogans and trademarked jingles.

The different forms design can take in the digital age are almost endless, but a good rule of thumb is, if it’s not human, it can broadly be categorized as design.

Design Tip 1: Study Colors

Knowing how colors influence thought patterns and what each different color symbolizes is important when you’re creating, or fine tuning the design of your brand.  This field is almost a cottage industry so unless you’re a designer yourself, getting help with this important factor is probably your best bet.  Which leads us to…

Design Tip 2: Hire Good Designers

A good designer will not only be able to guide you on tip one, but they will have a Hawk-eye for detail that would otherwise go unnoticed.  From fading edges, to color grading and lighting contrast, so many elements make up a great design.  Let pros who know what to look for and have the skills to pull it off work on your brand.

Design Tip 3: Start with the End in Mind

Having a vision for what you want conveyed is the only way to have a chance at a satisfactory end result.  to use phrasing agreeable with the recently departed Yogi Berra If you don’t know where you’re going you won’t get there.

  1. Quality Product or Service

This hardly needs an explanation, whatever you do, make sure it’s good.

Quality Tip 1: Know Your Competitive Advantage

Knowing how your product stacks up with competitors is key to improving quality.  For example, if you make paper towels and you’re going for the consumers who want ‘the best’ it would be important to know where your product stacks up in absorption and durability next to other top brands like Bounty.

Quality Tip 2: Dont Skimp on R&D

Making a good product or delivering a good service starts with actually putting it together.  If you are not doing this yourself, make sure you’re investing in the best quality help you can possibly afford.  This is not the area to save money.

Quality Tip 3: Know Your Market

Making a great product and knowing its advantage over your competitor(s) does little  good if you don’t know what to sell it for, or where the value to consumers lies.  Make sure you have that info.

  1. People

Ultimately brands are made up of people and products are made by people, while services are delivered by people.  So yes people matter.

People Tip 1: Ramp up the Interview Process

The best way to get quality people, is to do your best to avoid letting anyone else in the building.  An experienced HR professional or consultant is usually the best way to go to ensure this happens.

People Tip 2: Establish Control Mechanisms

 Make sure you have a way of measuring the performance of your personnel, especially those that are public or customer facing as they will be the face of your brand.

People Tip 3: Train Train Train

It would be unfair and unattainable to enact tip2 if you don’t follow this tip.  Before you can measure performance, it has to be made crystal clear to the team member what success and failure in their position looks like.  Leave no stone unturned in training your team and you’re much more likely to have them do what you want.

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