26 Feb 6 Quick Action Items for a More Memorable Website

It starts with a vision. Your product, service, your dream.

How do you articulate it so your website gets it right? Herein lies the problem. We may get closer to its manifestation only when we see it done wrong. We offer corrections. Then as the team gets closer, the floodgates open! We are close.

But is it good enough? How can we make it better? Here are six action items you can take away to resonate in the very cluttered and competing-for-space attention spans of your audience.


Did you know 51.9% of marketing professionals around the world claim video has the highest ROI?1 Here’s another insane stat for you:

In 2017, it is predicted that 74% of all Internet traffic will be video!1

BAM! Let that sink in.

What are the implications?

Action Item 1: Clearly, you should use video at your website.

If you have no idea where to start, pull in the digital marketing agency that knows how to incorporate video so it’s consistent with the tone of your brand and website. What kind of video?

  • Video testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Product demos


You can task your sales team with shooting testimonials and other behind-the-scenes type clips when on the road for events.

Need further proof? Just ask the 82% of respondents who confirmed video has had a positive impact on their business1.


Did we get your attention? Good. Because visual content is where it’s at. Show, don’t tell.

And because we all love statistics, let us WOW you with these:

  • 65% of senior marketing executives believe in the positive impact on brand of visual assets like images, video, infographics and illustrations2.
  • Content that contains images gets 94 percent more views than content without2.
  • Content that Engages73% of content producers are strategizing more engaging content for 20162.


What makes it engaging? Studies have been done to find we can be:

Blinded by Science!

Eye-tracking studies indicate readers pay more attention to information that includes images. With relevant pictures and graphics, your audience will typically spend more time looking at the images than reading the text. Shocker?

Who loves an infographic? Everybody loves an infographic!
Fact: Infographics are shared three times more than other types of content2.

Who really loves infographics? B2B loves infographics!
B2B businesses saw the biggest bump in B2B content marketing. It grew by 11 percent from 2014-20152.

Did you know?
People following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations.

What can you do?

Action Item 2: Use lots of pictures (diagrams and manuals, too).


Today’s buzz words begin and end with customer success. You’ve undoubtedly read tip after tip on UX already. If you can only do one thing in this category, do this:

Action item 3: Improve page load time.

People won’t wait more than three seconds. Google “free page load tools” to get started. There are plenty of free page load tools that can run a diagnostic on your site pages. We can also help as part of website optimization.


Active and consistent onboarding is another thing you can do. This is especially helpful for the rapidly growing SaaS industry. You may not think there is a need for this if you have a technically savvy user base. The truth is, they like and appreciate hand-holding when paying for a service. It’s important to show them you’re not just going to disappear after the Kickoff call.

Be available. Especially if you don’t want to lose them to a competitor and want them to continue speaking warmly of your product and spreading a positive message about your brand.


You’ll get them curious with your great video and visual marketing, but how will you get them to come back? One great way to do this is by offering them something free that is of value. A free ROI calculator is a great investment that has long term rewards. This is vital to the online world of finance. Especially if you are selling a product or service that helps save money.

For instance, if you are in the business of selling vacations, the easier your rate calculator is to use, the greater your chances of securing more bookings.

The key in all interactive widgets and apps is to make them simple and fast. If you have a tool that times out or if you are getting other complaints …

Action Item 4: Hire the right programmer with this skill set.


We want to be altruistic but our bank accounts don’t always cooperate. However, it makes sense from a business perspective to select the cause(s) that mean the most to you and set aside a little budget for each. You’ll feel good about it and you’ll attract new prospects who feel good about aligning with you.

Fact: 55% of consumers in 60 different countries will pay more for purchases from environmentally-conscious companies3.
Fact: 71% of Americans consider the environment when shopping3.

Bonus: PricewaterhouseCoopers has said that companies reporting sustainability efforts have a higher return on assets than companies that don’t.3

Action Item #5: Sign up to a non-profit and/or green cause that interests you and proudly display their message or graphic on your website. Provide information on how your audience can get involved.

To sum it all up
Today’s wrap up of six actions you can take to make an impression include:

  • Video Wins Everything
  • 2016 is the Year of Visual Content
  • Practice Good UX to Prevent People from Hitting the Back Button
  • Hold your Client’s Hands
  • Get Good at Interactive Engagement Tools
  • Go Green

Of course, if you are exploring additional marketing solutions, you can get started with a free evaluation from 3degreeZ.

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