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14 Jan How to Establish an Emotional Connection with Your Audience

It is well known that people buy more with their heart than their head.  As a result, businesses spend untold hours and money figuring out how to stake a claim to a small piece of real estate in the collective hearts of their marketing audience.

Of course some businesses by their nature have an easier time doing this.  If you god forbid have a family member die of cancer, a charity cancer walk will likely be special to you.  On the flip side a driveway paving company while important lacks natural emotional properties.

Regardless of your line of work, if you play your cards right and learn your audience, it is possible to make a real emotional connection with them.  Below are some ideas to get started.

  1. Background Music

Music more than anything else sets the emotional tone of an experience.  Go to a movie and hear hard drums and percussion in the background? Unlikely that the upcoming scene is going to be a love fest.  See a TV or Youtube commercial for a new medication? Unlikely you will hear AC/DC or another stadium rock group filling up the background.  Music sets our emotions and can do so with remarkable efficiency without even being in the forefront.

Tip:  If you do a bunch of audio/visual marketing, making an investment in a recognizable jingle that creates the emotion you want your brand to be known for is an essential step for developing a lasting connection with your target audience.

  1. Color Scheme

There have been countless studies that show color manipulation is a key component to the voice and emotional feel of your brand.  The clear Silver of Apple products for example gives the vibe of attractive and desirable – a big reason Apple has held its price point.

Tip: When selecting colors for your brand, really consider the mood they set, what they mean and the message you want to convey.

  1. Design

Of course your graphics and imaging make a big difference in how people feel about you.  Your logo must lend itself to the mood you’re trying to set with your brand as well as the product or service you sell.  If you own an ice cream shop an emblem of a torch would not work; regardless how good the music and colors are.

Tip: Consider the design of your logo only after you have conceived your desired vibe for your business.  Doing so before hand may create an unexpected contradiction which can take years and many dollars to overcome.

  1. Content

One of the many reasons companies spend so much time and money on content marketing is because of its ability to create a mental image of its brand with customers.   Consistently providing incredible value through useful written, visual and audio content does more to strengthen the connection between a brand and its audience than any other form of advertising.

Tip: Before beginning a content marketing campaign, plan out at least a month’s worth of posts and write them out on a content calendar.  Doing so will keep you organized and ensure that you don’t run out of ideas before it really has a chance to work.

  1. Strategize

Strategy is a necessary building block for connecting a brand with its desired audience. Prior to engaging in any type of marketing, it is critical to sit down and clearly define the desired goal and the path you plan to get there with.  A wise man once said, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Tip: While it might be tempting to save the money, this is one time not to skimp. Hire a strong experienced marketing firm to help lead and guide you as you plan out your marketing strategy. It will pay its cost in gold.

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