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29 Jan How to Bring Attention to Your Brand

…just over 8-seconds. That’s all the time marketers and brands have to reach consumers according to the latest research.  For a point of reference, goldfish have a 9-second attention span!

So the question becomes how do you get a message across in such a small amount of time to people who regularly do three or four things at once?  Since the dawn of the internet, and especially since mobile computing become common, this question has wrapped the minds of advertisers, businesses and marketers like no other.

Today we’re here to give a few ideas, and hopefully some clarity to this perplexing question.  What follows are 5-ideas to help you break through the noise, while also grabbing your 8-seconds of fame in the minds of your consumers.

  1. Provocative question

A strong open-ended question that entices people to ‘snap to’ is a great way to win some precious real estate in a distracted customers attention spectrum. The question should have multiple answers so they read on, and should also be targeted directly to them, which social media and other digital technologies now allow for.

  1. Lead with a Promise

As the old sales adage goes, people don’t buy features, they buy benefits.  Do your homework ahead of time, know your prospects pain points and lead with a promise to fix them.  Of course after doing so and getting them hooked make sure you deliver as well.  For example, a car dealership doing a large volume of radio advertising looking to improve cost efficiency, may be hooked with a statement along the lines of: “Reduce your ad budget 30% while increasing ROI by switching to digital.”

  1. Entertain

Perhaps the thickest tip of the list, brands should aim to entertain with their attention strategy, but not at the expense of message recall.  How many times have you watched a TV or Youtube commercial, found it funny and then not remembered the product or company the ad was for?  Walking that fine line is a constant challenge and requires the hand of a seasoned professional like a good copywriter or creative director.  If you go for entertainment value in your approach, make sure you’re working with pros.

  1. List

Much like this blog post, lists have a way of telling people, this is short it won’t take long to read.  You want to send that message in an 8-seconds or less world.  Using the list approach also naturally segments the piece, allowing readers or viewers to pick and choose the content that is best suited for them.

  1. Visual

Their are countless studies that show a correlation between visual elements and message open rates, engagement and recall.  Adding visual components to your opening attention grabbing strategy is crucial to getting customers to engage further with your content, brand or service.  Consider a strong photo that portrays your message well, or a brief video clip that grabs attention with a distinct benefit NOT a product feature.

Need further help with getting attention for your brand in an 8-second or less world? Contact 3Degreez today to learn more.

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