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01 Feb How To Brand Your Company Like A Boss

Branding is an ongoing process that involves people, design and product quality. 

That last element is where self assurance, boldness and confidence come into play.  That mentality has to come from the top. You will have other people in your company that have those qualities, but in order to attract a bunch of them the top leadership and or owner must possess them.

What follows are 5-ways leaders can pass their bravado down to their team and thus branding their company like the boss they are.

  1. Regular communication

It seems basic, but so many leaders don’t communicate what they need, expect or want from their team.  You really can’t expect employees to prioritize and successfully something that that was never communicated as a goal. The onus falls on leadership to make sure everyone is aware of the priorities.

  1. Explain goals

Once you’ve communicated what you want done, explain what success looks like.  Lay out the metrics and methods of how you’ll be measuring the team’s effectiveness of reaching your particular goal. It does little good to explain what you want, but not tell the team what success looks like.

  1. Show results

After you’ve laid out what you want, explained the goals, what success looks like and how it will be measured.  Now it’s time to not be secretive with results.  At many places of work individual performance metrics are printed out and posted right on the wall.  This is common in sales environments and call centers where much of an employee’s value is tied to meeting and exceeding goals.  While branding is a bit harder to evaluate than sales, it’s still possible to measure the performance of a team member charged with this task.

  1. Reward effective branding efforts (money perks; time off etc)

So now your team knows the plan, understands the goals and how they will be measured and has seen results.  Those who have excelled are going to expect (and rightly so) to be rewarded for it. Did someone do an amazing job representing the brand at a recent trade show? Give them a cash bonus, send them on a weekend trip, or give them extra vacation time.  While honest praise in front of the team is good, something like this should have some skin in the game.

  1. Keep score

Now that you’ve done all this work communicating, implementing, measuring and rewarding, it’s time to make sure you’re only keeping the best, training those who are struggling and eliminated the weakest links who aren’t showing the potential of catching.  Comparing one employee directly to another may not be fair, but measuring results against those succeeding at branding your company is a great way to accurately keep score.

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