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20 Jan Driving Digital Branding by Not Being Like Trump

Putting political views aside, Donald Trump is lauded as a master brander by many. He may well be, but this is irrelevant to most companies that seek better branding.

Trump’s branding success is not replicable—it’s what works for him. Yet most (if not all) companies cannot have their success driven by a brash CEO who continually courts controversy.

Everyone else has similar branding needs…but really can’t go Trumpian in their style, any more than planning your retirement on “buying winning Powerball tickets.”  In either case, you’re betting on a long shot than on what’s most likely to occur.

So rather than trying to emulate Trump’s style, companies in search of better branding should focus on approaching his massive multiplatform digital media reach and frequency. That’s a more achievable objective for companies, and it starts with smarter storytelling.

Better Branding Starts with Better Storytelling

Using creative agencies to develop compelling brand messaging for traditional media is clearly valuable as a tactic. However, it can fall flat when deployed in digital media, as proven by low average CTRs, ad blocking software use and plummeting organic reach with social media. And without reach, the most powerful branding is useless.

Content bridges the digital divide between traditional branding and modern branding. It’s not about taking something away, i.e. reducing TV spots or even digital ads. Instead, it’s about adding to your branding with better storytelling, more often. So if you were developing a brand message for campaign A in traditional outlets, you could also develop content that furthers that messaging in the format of blog posts, e-books, infographics and videos. For example, if a beauty brand focused on “real beauty” as part of their campaign messaging, videos and blog posts could tell the stories of real women and their approaches to beauty. Or “real” beauty tips that have been proven by science in the form of videos or a series of memes that debunk myths.

By adding content, your branding gets a new dimension: trusted helpful information provider. This makes your customer identification even stronger and gives customers another good reason to choose your brand.

Digital Media Amplifies Storytelling

Beyond the greater value that content adds to a brand, it also solves major digital marketing challenges that face most companies. Such as:


Your ads try to find people on the media sites they use, but content makes them come to you directly as they search for information via a mobile device or a desktop/laptop

Social Media

Content in the form of blog posts, memes, videos etc. are much more likely to be shared and bump up the low organic reach of typical branded social media content


Your content tells your story, your way, supplementing your paid PR efforts and drawing the media to you as you position your company as an authority in certain areas


Customized content that fits mobile app sponsorship could draw more attention than standard approaches


Content extends your organic social media reach by capturing the attention of brand influencers with lots of followers on social media—it gives them something valuable to share


Both search and digital media ads may draw more attention by offering a tangible benefit via content rather than the typical branding or offer ad


While retargeting users to your site with an offer can be compelling, retargeting content can get you their contact info—and interests—so you can target them further

End Result: Even without Trump’s ability to reach millions every time he utters another controversial remark, you can use content to deepen your branding while helping it bridge the digital divide to reach more customers than ever.

Next Step: Contact us to find out how we turn this intel into captivating content that will pack your sales pipeline with leads that convert to revenue.

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