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23 Feb 8 Steps to Revitalizing Your Brand – in the Always Open World

How do you keep your brand vital in a world where the pace of marketing has never been more accelerated, where the scope of your brand has never been more global?

This often requires brand revitalization efforts and those revamps often kick off by going back to the basics of the identity you have established for your brand. This seems simple on the surface, but that leap back to what makes a brand special can often be a long one. In fact, brands can get so caught up in tactics and countering competitors that the identity—the reason for a brand being—is obscured.

So to make the leap back that can help a brand make a leap forward into revitalization, here are some ideas.

#1 Think Like a Start-Up

If you first look at market conditions, competition and future trends in your industry as if you were about to launch a new product, this will give you some good ideas for positioning the brand and establishing USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) that you could later work into the brand you want to defibrillate.  Recall all the careful steps you took to launch your brand (as summarized in the 3degreeZ Launch guide below).

#2 Walk through It

Map out the different ways customers engage with your brand and the step-by-step process that turns a prospect into a customer, highlighting the most effective tactics based on the sales numbers. A key input source is to sit down with your sales team, even individually to avoid group-think, for insights into how they obtain and nurture leads, typical objections to manage, product critiques from customers and more. Obviously, for B2C the sales channels will be different, but the idea is to have a very direct, granular understanding of the path from product conception and birth to customer engagement and purchase.

#3 Do a Deep Dive

Still keeping your brand on the shelf, sit down with customers to see what they want in a product. Qualitative sessions like focus groups can fuel additional questions to ask via quantitative methods.  You can complement this with third-party customer research and market intel drill-downs courtesy of social listening and market intel tools developed by 3degreeZ Marketing. You want to compare what customers say they want to what they actually do when it comes time to buy so that you have a true, intuitive understanding of what your customers want and you establish highly representative buyer personas as reference points.

Discussions of your brand can also be part of this deep dive stage, perhaps after mastering customer expectations so that you can structure questions to understand how well your brand measures up—or appears to miss the mark.

#4 See the Other Side

Market intel and MySocial listening tools from 3degreeZ can also help scope out what competitors are doing in their messaging and digital marketing, along with customer reactions. Combine this with a thorough review of how competitors position themselves via marketing collateral, trade show booths, giveaways and other engagement tactics. Take their product demos if applicable, attend their webinars, experience their sales pitches directly and see how they manage common objections. This kind of analysis looks to exploit any chinks in your competitors armor, counters to their arguments, approaches they are missing, upgrades you can make to products or services and other pertinent shifts you can apply when re-envisioning your brand.

#5 Storyboard It

Once you understand customer expectations, competitors and your product’s own path to purchase, look for ways to boil it down to essential steps and create simple diagrams that highlight them. This way, you can have 3 columns: one for customer needs/processes, how your competitors operate and how you operate to see how you can better serve customer needs while exploiting any weaknesses in competitor approaches.

#6 Synthesize

The analysis should point to distinct ideas for re-envisioning the brand that you can channel into a simple positioning statement and strategies.  This leads to the critical step of establishing distinct metrics to measure how your revitalization effort is working. Improvement to your ROI is the ultimate measure you are seeking.  3degreeZ has established best practices from client successes available for your review.

#7 Testing

Try to create a pilot program with a selected target list of customers to test new positioning to determine if you’re on the mark with the new direction. Copious notes and objective measures should reveal what’s working and what’s not. Retesting after retooling obviously comes next to develop a brand personality that’s ready for rollout.

#8 Pre-Launch

With the data in and the new approach tested, it’s crucial to map out what the re-envisioned brand will be about—but not just to key stakeholders. Communicate the new ideas behind the brand revamp to as many people as logistically possible whom you believe will be interacting with potential customers at different touchpoints. Customize presentations of the brand according to different team member roles so they see the direct impact on what they do—along with the big picture.

Next Steps
Contact 3degreeZ Marketing to explore how we can help you re-imagine your brand. Besides market intel and MySocial listening tools for a quick lay of the land, we can process both external and internal intel into clear action steps that will reignite your brand with a new DNA that supports your unique positioning.

Ron Buckhammer, Partner – 3degreeZ Marketing – San Francisco –

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