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02 Dec 6 Key Steps to Refreshing Your Brand

Developing a sound marketing strategy is tricky business. It’s something that requires ongoing effort to do effectively in an overstimulated market that is hard to keep engaged. So what is a business owner to do?

We’ve developed 6 key steps to keep your brand fresh while simultaneously ensuring message consistency. We may use big-brand examples of execution in many of these, but make no mistake, these tactics work just as well, and perhaps even better for small brands.

1. Go Beyond the Brand ‘Symbol’ with Characters Recognition

For brands that use characters in their advertising like Geico, or The General Insurance for example, an occasional rotation of the familiar face is often helpful in refreshing a brand.

The General for instance does not rotate characters, and last I looked has not beaten Geico in any creative or effective marketing contests anytime recently.

On the other hand Geico constantly changes its characters while keeping the hallmark member of its stable (the gecko) front and center in our minds. The cave men and the ‘hump day’ camels are great examples of a brand reinventing itself without losing message recall or association.

2. Go Digital

Sometimes simply switching up where you broadcast your message has a big impact on its ‘freshness’. If you are a regular user of television try a Pandora or YouTube Campaign. Often found in the newspapers? Try advertising on Google Adwords or social media.

3. New Offers and Deals

Nothing gets people excited quite like a fresh, new discount. Frequently offer BOGO deals? Try a rewards plan where after so many purchases you get something for free with no purchase required. Dunkin’ Donuts rewards program is a great example of this.

4. Live Events

Few things reach out and ‘grab’ an audience like a prominent position at a community event. Blood drives, concerts in the park and street fairs are great ways to seize these opportunities. Get out there and be seen!

5. Sponsorships

If you can’t be there, sponsor a local event perhaps through your hometown radio station, or chamber of commerce – sometimes going ‘old school’ is the way to go.

6. Start a Campaign

Promote a charity you are passionate about or take a stance on a significant social issue your key demographic will rally behind. You can donate a portion of your business’ proceeds to the cause. It can be affective if you do it right and know your community and customers well enough to accurately anticipate their reaction. This is a campaign everyone call rally behind and it gives you the chance to familiarize your business with the local community.

Following these 6 steps will help refresh your brand and your marketing strategy.

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Michael Medipor
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