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24 Feb 6 Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

Many businesses grow through sheer force of will—dogged sales determination from principals with the right product at the right time that’s pitched to the right people.

With so much focus on sales, marketing is often an afterthought.

But then good growth is achieved. And inevitably, competitors crop up. Now new business isn’t just from sales plugging away—marketing needs to drive leads, too. The need is even stronger because your competitors have expanded their marketing efforts. They’re at the right trade shows, advertising in industry pubs, broadcasting news releases and sharply targeting prospects with e-blasts or site retargeting, among other tactics.

For many SMBs, the next logical step is hiring a marketing pro to head up efforts.

And this could be a good move. Or not. Here’s when outsourcing your marketing makes more sense.

#1 Execution

A new in-house marketing team has to learn your products and sales, then see about building resources, some from your team and others that will have to be found elsewhere if not on staff: web designers, graphic designers, copy writers for content pieces and e-blasts, etc. This could take a while, with the edge going to competitors who are already up and running.

The outsourcing advantage: You get quick access to an entire team of specialists who can learn your brand from their team leader within a week, have a blog set up and e-blasts aimed at your target with dedicated landing pages, as well as marketing collateral and other digital marketing deliverables.

#2 Experience

Some SMBs have to expand their marketing cautiously: one mid-level to senior marketer to lead the charge and perhaps, budget permitting, some additional staffers down the line. This is fine—but it also limits you to the experience of that one marketer. They may know plenty—but their inevitable experience gaps could mean missed opportunities and mistakes.

The outsourcing advantage: You obtain not only the experience of the company’s leaders, but also the experience of its on-the-ground specialists in different areas. As such, the lead strategist can help establish the 30,000-foot strategy while other specialists on the team offer their long experience in SEM, SEO, mobile media buying, app development, content marketing and more. This combined experience fills gaps and deepens value.

#3 Efficiency

With one or two members on your in-house marketing team, you’re counting on them to not only find outside resources as needed for different tactics, but also to manage these resources effectively. That can be tricky, since often in-house marketers don’t necessarily have freelance specialists at their disposal—nor the ability to direct these teams strategically.

The outsourcing advantage: A marketing agency already has a team in place that’s used to working together to deliver results. So plans are mapped out efficiently from the beginning, with well processes and software systems, everyone knows their role and this makes execution considerably smoother.

#4 Edge

In-house marketing leaders and teams can be set in their ways—not open to new tactics or technology. Worse yet, they can be unaware of new approaches because they get caught up in the trees of day-to-day execution and miss the forest of industry shifts or a target audience switching consumption or developing different needs.

The outsourcing advantage: Marketing agencies are constantly looking for new ways to connect with targets to deliver better results—those results are what lead to contract renewals and referrals for new business. Getting set in your ways or falling behind the times is bad for survival. As such, they make staying current—and future—a priority, so they generally anticipate shifts and propose adjustments accordingly.

#5 Evaluation

When trying to manage an in-house marketing leader or team, a company has to follow internal personnel procedures and go through a process to see if performance is up to par, then follow more procedures if it isn’t. This can quickly become complicated if team members aren’t performing.

The outsourcing advantage: Goals from an agency are more clear-cut and objective. It’s easier to isolate what they’re doing right and what’s wrong. More importantly, it’s easier to make changes when things aren’t going well.

#6 Expansion

Scaling up with marketing efforts involves significant costs in salaries and benefits and systems support and training as more people come on board. And unless you have the right mix of thinkers and doers, you may be disproportionately more money to get relatively limited output.

The outsourcing advantage: Since a marketing agency usually has a strong team of specialists in place, it’s easy for them to expand the amount of work they’re doing for you and often more cost-effective than growing your marketing with staffing – not to mention that most of proven marketing talent prefers to work in an agency environment marketers are often left with slim pickings when trying to recruit internal talent that can make a difference.

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