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08 Feb 3 Ways to Refine Digital Ad Targeting of Millennials

When reviewing Millennial media usage, the temptation is to go all-out on digital to engage this 75 million-strong segment.

After all, 2014 research from Experian shows Millennials spending 67 hours a week consuming media, with 35 of those hours devoted to digital media.

However, success with targeting Millennials via digital comes more from drilling down to their specific digital media habits. With that in mind, we’ve developed a few ideas for digital drill-downs to maximize marketing engagement of Millennials.

#1 Go Mobile—Especially In-App

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  • 6 out of 10 Millennials notice mobile ads more than desktop ads
  • Nearly 80% of Millennials say they’d take advantage of a deal on a product offered via mobile while they’re in the store
  • 7 out of 10 Millennials say that in-app mobile ads are more effective than mobile Internet ads

Source: Adroit Digital


  • Brands could see good traction with Millennials by targeting them with more mobile in-app ads
  • Geotargeting users as they arrive at stores could also drive conversions
  • Despite low average CTRs of .23%, mobile Internet ads still outperform desktop ad CTRs so both are worth including in your marketing communications toolkit to reach Millennials

#2 Focus Buys on Blogs, News Sites and Social Media


  • Before purchasing a product, Millennials consult 3 primary sources: blogs, online news sites and social media sites
  • Facebook and Instagram are the two social networks that Millennials say most influence their purchasing decisions
  • Among the top 5 forms of online content consumed by Millennials are blogs, photos, comments by reviews, e-books and audio books

Source: Elite Daily, Fractl and Buzzstream


  • Brands can identify key blog influencers on Buzzsumo to approach for promotion
  • Brands can also do longtail advertising on the sites for those key bloggers
  • Besides blogs, brands can weigh media buys to spend more on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as review sites
  • Online news sites can also be a valuable channel for media buys to reach Millennials, either manually or programmatically
  • Brands can create their own blog and e-book content to promote via boosted posts on Facebook to further influence Millennial purchasing decisions
  • Retargeting using Facebook, despite its popularity, may also tip Millennial buyers in a brand’s favor

#3 Add Weight to Media Buys in Online Music and Streaming TV


Sources: Edison Research, Vevo, Clearleap, Business Intelligence


  • Brands should explore the ad packages offered by online radio sites to build greater, more natural engagement with Millennials
  • Media buys for Millennials should focus more heavily on streaming video, spreading it among top sites as indicated by Business Intelligence Data and other third party research sources


BI intelligence chart Millennial Streaming

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