In this series of videos, 3DegreeZ Chief Marketing Officer Michael Medipor demonstrates how the My 3dSocial Platform can be used to zero in on conversations you need to know about.

My 3dSocial platform overview

Michael Medipor gives an overview of the My 3dSocial platform and shows how conversations in social media about certain topics are located to identify intended buyers. This powerful tool gives you the capability to target a very specific audience within a client vertical.

Targeted Selling

As Michael Medipor continues to break down the capabilities of the 3dSocial Platform, we discover how conversations across social media and blogs are tagged. This tool is precise about finding actual buyers rather than just tire-kickers.

Competitive Brand Management

One of the most powerful features of My 3dSocial Platform is the ability to compare competitors. In this video, we see this demonstrated as Michael Medipore looks at how well-known brands stack up against one another in social media interactions.

Target Intended Buyers

In the final video in this series, we see how the user navigates the My 3dSocial Platform’s simple cloud dashboard. Here, you can have conversations with intended buyers identified by our tool.

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