What is Marketing Automation?

Simply put, it is automating your marketing efforts while creating inbound marketing as opposed to interruption marketing. From email campaigns and lead management to SEO and social media even analytics. Marketing automation just makes life and your marketing efforts easier.

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Why Marketing Automation?

Your competitors are doubling their rate of lead conversions, closing faster, bigger deals with cross-sells and up-sells. They’re suddenly talking to your prospects in social media and blogs. They’re nurturing leads with highly personalized emails and uncanny timing and better yet, people are actually searching them out as opposed to running away all because marketing automation is truly an inbound marketing tactic. It is based on highly relevant content that your market WANTS to read. It gently nurtures prospect through the buyers journey as opposed to screaming, “Here I am, buy me now!”


Chances are your competitors’ new secret weapon is Marketing Automation. Industry researchers predict use of marketing automation software will increase 50% by 2015.

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360 Degree View of your Entire Business

From one control panel, you’ll see the big picture of your campaigns, channels, and sales cycles in real-time, with visual graphs and snapshot statistics. Customer intelligence reports order the chaotic, overwhelming mix of data streams pouring in from all of the different platforms you’ve signed up for.

Modern Technology with Old School Values

The basics of sales and marketing are more important than ever in our digital world: knowing your customers, what they want vs. what they say they need, calling them at the right time, improving your product, and staying ahead of trends.


3 Degreez’s automated marketing umbrella and our guidance helps you incorporate and enhance your unique customer knowledge into 24/7 processes that handle the persistent, repetitive manual tasks on a far greater magnitude than can humans. Your get your ‘Big Data’ crunched for hidden insights. This means you can save your most precious time for the human touch when it counts the most.


Whether you have 2 or 10,000 employees, marketing automation offers potential to scale up in ways you could have only dreamed a few years ago.


Bring Simplicity to Chaos

The technology in marketing automation may sound daunting, but it brings simplicity to the chaos. 3degreeZ will guide you at every step, so you:

  • Have the information to make executive decisions when they count.
  • Empower sales and marketing to share lead behavior at every ‘touch.’
  • Alert your sales reps when a prospect’s buying signals are hot.
  • Use professionally designed templates to project an enterprise-level image.
  • Help your talent and team members stay within your brand guidelines.
  • Leverage our automatic ‘scoring’ that helps you flush out intent, separating tire-kickers from serious buyers.
  • Increase Conversion Rates

  • Researchers found that early adopters of marketing automation reported:

    • 107% better rate of lead conversion
    • 40% bigger deal size on average
    • 20% increase in teams meeting their quotas
    • 17% more accurate forecasts