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14 Mar Influencer Marketing: A How-To Guide & Fun Facts!

One definition of influencer marketing is: the strategy of establishing relationships with influential people who can amplify and expand visibility for your brand’s products and services. The relationships are formed by engaging on the social channels that your demographic hangs out in. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Instagram and others.

Find your People

Having influence across social media means you are able to drive people to take some kind of action. But let’s start with the basics: How do you know who to interact with? This depends on what you are promoting. A good first step is to define your target personas within your audience and begin nurturing relationships with authorities and influencers within this demo.

For instance, are you are an automobile manufacturer or dealership? Your target audience will look a lot different than someone who is selling gluten-free gourmet groceries online. Also, do you want to target people in your geographic area or do you want to branch out? You may have, for example, a chain of automobile parts retail stores located up and down the eastern seaboard. Or you may be an Online Lender that is pursuing a national audience or regional audience based on where you’re licensed to lend. You may be B2B, for example, if you are trying to bring in additional channels, like resellers or affiliate marketers.

Define and then Refine

Maybe you’re a B2B marketer focused on the emerging IoT or disruptive technology sector. The point is, there are endless audiences for both B2B and B2C brands, but once you’ve defined your target audience, then you can begin the work of locating the influencers in your space. Depending on the time you have and the scope of your audience, this can be something you work on manually (the smallest shops), or you can use an array of software platforms designed specifically to identify top influencers in your market based on criteria you select, with a market intelligence and social listening tool. If this seems too overwhelming, there are marketers who specialize in finding and/or interacting on your behalf with top influencers.

Now that you have narrowed down your ideal customer (with pre-selects like: geography, age, income, education, interests, current online behavior, etc.), you’re ready to locate authorities in your space. Again, market and social Intel, predictive analytics and marketing automation tools are largely effective at enabling you to focus on growing your business while the platform does the job of connecting with the right people, at the right time.

Authentic or No Sale

You do have to lend a hand in setting up an authentic voice for your brand. This can be done by talking in the language that is common to your demo. To save time, you can preschedule your messages, daily, weekly or monthly—across social channels. Personalize messages when appropriate. Never use clichés. Compliment whenever possible. Set aside a block of time each day to reply personally (or delegate this task to someone with a warm voice and good spelling and grammar, etc., or the right marketing agency) to manage messages.

Depending on the social Intel platform being used, you should receive helpful information about each social personality you engage with. This tells you things like number of followers, how they interact, topics that relate to them and their Klout score. The higher the Klout score, the more influential that person is. Klout score is always evolving but currently, you get bonus points more so for the ability of your messages to drive responses and/or actions by followers.

Who has Klout?

  • President Obama currently has a Klout Score of 99
  • Musician Justin Beiber is at 92
  • Actress Zooey Deschannel has a Klout Score of 86
  • Facebook User Mao Ye has a Klout Score of 46


We’ve included the list above as an example of what it takes to be an influencer. We threw in a non-famous social media user who is active, according to Klout, like this: “He keeps fresh content on his [FB] profile, which helps keep people talking on his wall. He has also connected all of his social media accounts to his Klout profile, which helps keep his Klout Score above average.”

Pointing out a “normal” social media user like Mao has Klout is to illustrate how the connected community places their trust in the authentic, the not-obviously-branded, and people both in and out of their networks that are actually measurably trustworthy.

Fun Facts & Stats on Influencer Marketing

We’ll further illustrate the state of influencer and authentic marketing with some noteworthy statistics we’ve gathered from a Nielsen worldwide study:

Fact: 84% of consumers will take action based on the reviews and recommendations of trusted sources above all other forms of advertising.
Fact: 70% take action based on consumer opinions posted online
Fact: 65% take action based on emails they’ve opted in for
Fact: 55% take action based on ads on social networks
Fact: 52% take action based on online video ads1

Traditional vs. Digital Advertising

  • The recommendations of friends and family hold the most credibility
  • Trust in newspaper ads has declined
  • Globally, owned (managed ‘gby a brand) media loses first place and now ranks second in trust
  • Online and mobile ads increase in credibility
  • Geographic areas with the highest reported level of trust are the most likely to take action on advertisements
  • Comedic ads resonate among global audiences1


Here at 3degreeZ we are experienced at the art of influencer marketing and would love to listen to your particular challenges with master-minding your own social amplification plan. Let us lend an ear. You can get started by providing the best method for us to contact you for a free consultation. Standing by and ready to take action!

  1. Nielsen: Global Trust in Advertising Report

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