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18 Dec Awakening the Real Force

Anyone who doubts content marketing’s effectiveness in generating revenue needs to look no further than Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While ticket sales are projected to hit $1.6 billion—merchandise sales revenues will be more than 3 times higher: $5 billion.

Clearly, storytelling sells. This is the force behind the Force. Consider:

  • Disney generated a record $40.9 billion from merchandising in 2013
  • The Batman movies brought in $245 million in toy sales
  • Merchandising from Peanuts pulls in around $80 million a year


These sales come from content in one form or another. People want to become part of the story that drew them in the first place.

Of course, for every Star Wars there are plenty of Pluto Nashes.

But all this means is that storytelling for companies outside of entertainment can’t be hit-or-miss: it has to be strategic to pay off.

That’s where your marketing strategy and content plan comes into play. Companies need guidance to develop content that resonates with their audiences, along with a process to bring prospects along the pipeline to become buyers.

Before a word is written, a video is shot or an infographic is designed, however, market intel is crucial. Not only do brands need a thorough understanding of their customers, they need to know their competitors to see what they’re up to and beat them to the punch with targeted content roll-outs to bring in business.

That’s why we focus on intel as much as developing content to maximize lead gen. To that end, we developed a tool to drive intel and are offering a Free Competitor Dashboard Report to provide insights into what your competition is up to


With that intel, the next step is developing content to match it to their moves – and your customers – so you can awaken the Force of your marketing efforts through strategic storytelling.

3degreeZ Marketing specializes in distributing content to create leads and spike sales for a range of industries. We start by gathering insights via our Competitor Intelligence System.

Contact us to find out how we turn this intel into captivating content that will pack your sales pipeline with leads that convert to revenue.

Michael Medipor
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