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25 Jun Common challenges Marketing-IT professionals have and how to solve them

There are many common challenges for marketing professionals who are just getting started. Oftentimes it is difficult for new marketers to clearly define their successes in terms of ROI. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to determine where the intended audience of any marketing campaign starts and stops as we enter a global market that allows information to move around the world in just seconds. Lastly, obtaining the budget and time to effectively manage company websites is a struggle faced my many overwhelmed marketers.

Measuring Success

Success in terms of marketing can be measured by many different metrics. While ROI is obviously the most heavily weighted measurement in this category, other details can also be useful. For instance, follower engagement, sharing, and click-through conversions are all important pieces of your marketing puzzle, and studying the marketing analytics drawn from these data points can help point you in the direction of marketing content that is getting positive attention.

Inbound marketing shows increasing promise with each passing year, earning far higher returns than any given outbound marketing strategy. As a result, it is imperative that your marketing team takes the time to clearly outline their goals for engagement with their efforts, not just in terms of dollars and cents, but also in terms of sheer visibility. Companies report that they are more than three times as likely to see returns on their inbound marketing campaigns as they are on outbound campaigns, but this can be further improved by utilizing analytics at least three times a week to see how your campaign is performing in real time. This allows marketing professionals the opportunity to double down on content that is getting high viewership, and narrow down the focus of their campaign. Ultimately, the data gathered from your analytics is what will be needed to earn the ongoing support of your executive management team anyways, so it is doubly important to make sure you are tracking and using those numbers wisely.

Defining Audience

Another of the common challenges for marketing professionals is the ability to define who they are targeting with their content. Buyer personas are still a major part of any successful marketing campaign, but the international market makes it harder than ever to know what drives buyers in foreign markets. Marketing campaigns that gain traction locally will not necessarily succeed across cultures or language barriers. Much of this can be overcome by allowing flexibility in your marketing campaign to alter wording and imagery through translations. The reality is that social content sharing today has blurred the lines between what used to be distinct age, race and gender demographics. Setting your sites too small when determining your target audience could do far more harm than help. Instead you should be aiming for global awareness.

Maintaining Websites

Websites are burdensome and difficult to manage without a skilled set of hands dedicating themselves to the task day in and day out. The problem of website management spans multiple common challenges for marketing professionals. First and foremost, it requires a healthy budget and a significant amount of time set aside. Marketing professionals often complain that they don’t have either of those things in their favor, and asking for more money is difficult when ROI has not been clearly set out in the past. In addition, maintaining a website requires a talented designer who knows the ins and out of the technical end, along with talented marketers who know how to use keywords, analytics, and workflows to push customers through to the purchasing phase.

Websites are also a large scale tool that actually houses many smaller technologies. Building an effective website means that the right mix of email subscriptions, ecommerce opportunities, mobile support and other technologies need to come together in a meaningful way for customers. This also means that lead ins from social media and other outlets need to be successfully converted at this point.

These common challenges for marketing professionals span all industries who utilize inbound marketing today. Despite the fact that inbound marketing shows remarkable promise for ROI, few companies are using their inbound marketing to its full potential. For the most part this is due to a general lack of information about how inbound campaigns are actually turning into hard sales numbers. By defining what success means for your campaign, and creating campaigns that are geared toward the new global market, it will be easier for marketing professionals to succeed. Once they show that they can make real gains with their efforts, the last step will be gathering support to keep the company website up to date and in line with customer expectations as technologies change.


Michael Medipor
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