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16 Mar 5 Ways to Deliver Superior Customer Experience

Nothing ever disappears from the Internet. We are indisputably living in a new era of content and brand consumption. Similarly, the perceived value you give to your customers is forever. So why not make it as positive as you can? Think of using all the available digital channels to paint the very best picture of your brand as you can.

1. Make important information easy to locate

Most consumers today conduct research online before making a purchase. Consumers don’t just want to have easy and quick access to common questions, they expect it. They will quickly seek out an FAQs page, knowledge base articles and a live chat to get on-the-spot answers. Another place they look for answers is in the blog section of your website. Having a blog allows you to create a page for each query. Bonus: you also help rank for those longtail keyword queries people conduct more often these days when accessing your site on the go from a portable device.

2. Include multiple methods for customers to contact you with a real, physical address

There is a time and place for less is more, but in this case, more is more. The more ways your customers can convey their questions, concerns and remarks, the better. Some call it a generational thing, but a certain segment prefer to contact you by phone and speak with a live “real” person. Others will only use the voice channel if they’ve exhausted all other options. The simple solution is to offer both. Also offer Live Chat and actively engage with social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. This also helps you build authenticity and, the more you engage, the voice of your brand. Bonus: your customers love to see you have a physical address and they may want to know about your team. Double Bonus: Google also rewards you by indexing you quicker and in Local Search results, which opens more opportunities for business, when you supply these details.

3. Give your employees a forum, too

Your front line employees get feedback from customers first. While not all feedback is always great, this can be a hidden opportunity to address problem areas or challenges in general. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can offer insights and valuable intel in real-time so business owners can use it to inform strategy developments. When integrated with customer resource management software (CRM), you’ll have the best channels of communication from both segments gathered in one cohesive platform.

4. Eliminate siloes

With the vast speed of technology today, information needs to be available all the time, from everywhere and as soon as it’s available, especially upon consideration of the rapid growth of the remote workforce, and in some cases, with multiple global locations. Centralize all information with one automated, in-sync application. Encourage a culture that embraces the “sharing is caring” core value.

5. Keep it simple and consistent

Keep your offers simple and easy to understand. Use clear language that is common to your audience. True, you may have a tech-y product—in which case, offer the information in a language your audience will understand. One effective way to pass the litmus test is to read the copy out loud. Does it sound like how your typical persona would speak? If yes, keep it. If no, nix it and start over and/or hire professional marketing copywriters. Also, be consistent. If you are providing your audience with digital assets like compelling and interesting infographics or statistic-driven white papers, be sure you are consistent in how often you are making the collateral available. Don’t just blast once and think they’ll all come running to sign up, you’ve got to build and nurture your audience over time, consistently.

In summary, you can start to see results at improving your customer experience strategy when you do the following:

  • Anticipate customer pain points and offer knowledge base articles
  • Establish legitimacy & credibility with a real address & many communication channels
  • Centralize information for employees
  • Make the same intel available to all employees, in all locations, in real-time
  • Keep your content and brand messaging consistent and on-point


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