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15 Jan 5 Most Popular Types of Content

Content is everywhere, seemingly taking on a new form each day.  To list them all would be futile, not to mention time consuming and boring to read.  Still for those getting started in content marketing knowing the popular forms content takes is valuable.

We’ve created a list of the 5-most popular forms of content marketing based on our own experience as marketers and hope that you will find it both useful and informative.  Please note these are not ranked.  In other words number 1 is not necessarily more popular than number 5.

  1. Articles

Despite all the incredible new tools we have thanks to the digital revolution, written words on a page, or a screen still remain incredibly popular with nearly everyone.  While other forms of content may make a stronger impression or induce a more powerful emotional reaction, to date no form of communication makes things as official as the written word.

That heritage of authority and legitimacy makes communicating through words incredibly powerful when trying to present yourself or your brand as an expert on a subject to customers.

  1. Videos

If written words carry authority, video often provides the proof.  The ultimate form of content for creating a reaction with customers, videos simply cannot be replicated by any other media.

While written words take many forms, moving pictures with audio are unique.  Video is perhaps best used for product demonstrations and education and can frequently be found on company YouTube channels or directly on its website.

As the cost of streaming goes down and its quality goes up, expect this incredibly popular form of content to only grow in volume and importance.

  1. Photos

You may remember your high school English teacher telling you a picture is worth 1000 words.  I won’t bore you with that many here, but suffice to say pictures continue to hold incredible power within the marketing community.

Posts with photos are much more likely to be engaged with than those with text alone.  Beyond that, a well shot picture can become iconic and literally preserve history in a way that even video can’t.  Since video moves it lacks the ability to immortalize a single moment in time the way a still photo can.

If you’ve ever seen this picture of 1930s workers sitting on a beam high atop NYC you know the power of a still picture.  

  1. Blogs

Although they’re similar to articles, blogs tend to be shorter in nature and can often take on a more opinion based approach.  Blogs typically range in length between 200-700 words. Articles meanwhile are generally 750-2000 or longer.

For marketing purposes it’s advisable to make blog posts at least 500 words.  Anything less does not register as well with Google and other search engines.

Blogs are appealing because they can be easily pushed via social channels, RSS feeds and email newsletters.

  1. Social posts

Social posts are the water cooler talk of the marketing world.  Typically short and much less formal than other types of content, social media is best used to engage with customers and potential customers not to sell or even inform.

Many of the best practitioners of social media will frequently and quickly respond to customer comments on their Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Because you’re engaging people directly via social media it is also great for funneling those who wish to follow you in more detailed channels to those channels.  Say for example your company blog, or your email newsletter.

Honorable Mentions

  • Whitepapers
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • Ebooks
  • Email Newsletters

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