Insurers Can Expand Business with Content

04 Jan 4 Ways Insurers Can Expand Business with Content

Driving more business for insurance companies and brokers comes down to one key area: engagement. Existing and potential customers need a reason to find your company and explore more of what you offer. Advertising is the main tactic for this, but we all know how expensive that can be. And not only is this form of messaging expensive, it ends when your set paid campaign ends.

Content, though, lives forever. More importantly, you can structure it to fit how insurance impacts people’s lives in different ways. This is how you achieve engagement, so your company gets on customers’ radar screens and stays there.

The first step to employ content marketing as a tool to drive business for insurers is developing the purpose for any content you create.

What Your Insurance Content Marketing Should Do:

1. Explain: Any form of coverage can be complicated. So make it easy. Break down premiums, co-pays and other basics. Then tackle more complicated issues like workers’ comp, long-term care and more. This doesn’t have to be a long blog post: it can be a well-designed e-book with graphics, a video, a simple meme that breaks down a concept or offers simple statistics.

2. Help: Your customers own cars, homes and other key products that carry insurance. So not only are they concerned about insurance for a car they’re buying, they also want to know about how to get the best deal on a car, maintenance, wintertime driving and more. With their health, they’re looking to prevent problems or pick the best doctor or to better understand what to expect with treatment. So by addressing these common needs that could crop up, you reach them in a way that advertising never could. With proper planning, you could become the source for helpful hints in these areas. That trust could then carry over into their coverage choices. Just a few minutes of brainstorming will help you realize all the daily aspects of people’s lives that insurance relates to…and will inspire content ideas to discuss them.

3. Educate: Besides educating consumers about coverage or products covered by insurance, companies can create content to educate their agents to help them sell products more effectively or keep them current on larger industry trends. You can also educate benefits professionals on important issues to help them in their decision-making process—while becoming part of that process with your brand presence.

4. Align: Content distribution is crucial. If nobody reads it or sees it, it doesn’t exist. With alignment, you look for media outlets with big audiences and craft content to fit their style but centers on your message. A content partner can also analyze existing content on sites that your company can sponsor so as to align your brand with relevant videos, posts and guides. As with content you create yourself, you’re reaching people in their daily search for information or entertainment.

Developing Reach

With the right kind of content conceptualized and created, connecting it with the audience is the next major step. The actual tactics used will be applied differently for different companies, but here are some possibilities to connect your content to audiences:

• A social media meme that’s shared but links back to where your content is featured

• A newsletter you create for customers to regularly solve their challenges—it can be one or several depending on your topic

• Sponsored posts on social media to drive traffic to your content hub

• Content syndication services to expose your informative posts to a larger audience

• Influential industry bloggers who may be willing to use your infographics, videos or blog posts to add depth to their blogs

• Guest pieces in industry publications or for local newspapers

These are general guidelines, but companies benefit most from having a content partner that can actively monitor their industries and closest competitors to find the best outlets and develop an overall messaging and distribution strategy designed to reach your audience most effectively.

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