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29 Mar 3degreeZ Marketing Roundup

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Top Three Marketing Challenges

If you had to, could you narrow your top marketing challenges down to just three? The author in this piece does just that, bringing up some familiar territory. More like pain spots. Alignment of sales and marketing, anyone?

This is one problem its worth the effort to fix. According to the article, “B2B organizations with tightly aligned marketing and sales organizations achieved 24% faster revenue growth and 27% faster profit growth.”  And that’s one to grow on. Read more here.


millenial self 3degreez

Don’t call me millennial, bra.

Millennials Want Your Email

Another story that made our roundup features everyone’s favorite generation: the millennial. In an Inc. article, Peter Roesler reports on a study by Adestra. In its 2016 Consumer Adoption and Usage Study, findings run the gamut from youngsters to boomers. To find out how our standout crowd prefers to get their marketing, read the article here.



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A little birdy told us

6 Ways to Make Twitter Work for You

Did you know Twitter can be an incredibly valuable marketing tool? We had a hunch. Jennifer Lonoff Schiff did too. She did more than that. She spoke with experts in lead generation, marketing and customer service to discover real ways Twitter has led to customer acquisition and increases in revenue. Read the full story here.


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