Content Creation

Kingdom Content Creation

We don’t have to make the case for why you need original, authentic content today. You already know. We create content with a purpose, as part of your total content marketing strategy or as stand-alone digital assets you may need for micro-conversions.

Content that Kills

Our language lovers are standing by, ready to become subject matter experts in your industry and extract the brand from your business. Once they find it, they’ll highlight it and set it apart from the competition in blogs, video, webinars, ebooks, white papers, case studies, infographics and any other creative asset you can think of.

How will they do this? By old-fashioned storytelling. Writing content for the web has come full circle, and our word warriors are pleased with the New World Order. Once upon a time, you could fake it with questionable tactics we won’t name here. Writers in love with the written word were heartbroken to watch up-and-coming hacks manipulating the system through brute force and sloppy work.

Mobile wins.

Content Made for Rabid Consumption

Today, we watch as quality work that provides real value to an audience is consistently rewarded with more buzz, better search engine placement and more social shares. Let our enthusiasm and expertise guide the way.

The Buyer’s Club

Come to us and tell us what your goals are. Whatever achievements or benchmarks you’re after, we can help crystallize your content strategy. From the simple (more eyeballs) to the ambitious (65% uptick in leads), we roll out your content roadmap and help you select the assets that will most efficiently help you reach your goals.

Large or small, your content ecosystem should be harmonious. There is a causal relationship between each piece of content and an entire psychology behind when to publish it. This is why a critical component of your content marketing strategy is a content calendar.

Qualifying your leads and scoring them on their user behavior will largely influence your content marketing schedule. Identifying where they are in the buyer’s cycle and targeting them with the exact content they have in mind is how you build demand, loyalty and sharing.

smart content marketing

Innocuous Content?

Each seemingly innocent piece of content published will have had a well-thought out reason for its inclusion in your content marketing plan. In addition to cultivating meaningful conversations, our content is created:

  • To delight, inform and inspire.
  • To educate and instruct.
  • To present new ways of thinking on topics familiar to your audience.
  • To elicit knee-jerk reactions that prompt sharing.
  • To convert through a download: data captures like testimonials or reviews, leads and sales.