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23 Nov 7 Ways Retailers Can Increase Sales for The Holidays

The holidays are here and your retail sales campaign is already in full swing. There are things that you can do right now to increase sales and cattle prod the consumer back to your store.

1. Friendly Reminder vs. Email Overload

How many times have you opted out of emails that you really didn’t want to simply for the fact that they flooded your inbox with 1-2 or more emails per day? Touching base with your customers is essential. Getting people into your stores and onto your eCommerce website means having to remind them through periodic emails – keyword ‘periodic’. You don’t want to beat customers over the head with multiple blasts a day. A gentle nudge weekly or bi-weekly should be enough to see a jump in retail sales. Be sure to include an offer a majority of the time. People are more likely to hang on to emails that include a discount code, special perusal offer or other method to get them thinking about your product and your store.

2. Email Marketing Campaign

You need to have your email marketing in place throughout the year. When the holiday shopping season hits you have to ramp up these efforts. Leading up to Black Friday or Cyber Monday are great days to bulk up on your email campaign efforts to increase sales as folks will be looking for special offers and great sales.

3. Social Media Exposure

Social media marketing is imperative to remaining competitive in today’s world. Not only is social media a hypnotic way to engage customers and show off your store, announce sales, and introduce new products, but it also helps to build brand awareness when done consistently. How often do you offer sales specials to Facebook or Twitter followers? This is the world we live in and if you want to increase sales (who doesn’t?) then you have to get social.

4. Blogging

You really need to have a strong storytelling voice to do effective blogging these days and need to keep after it. If you are consistently blogging and you are able to rope readers into your story, then the retail sales should follow. Talk about new product launches, special events you have sponsored, or even corporate events that shine the company in a positive light.

5. Reviews

Yes, these sites where customers post positive (and negative) reviews are supposed to be authentic and they still can be, even if they are “encouraged” by the store. Reviews are so important in today’s digital economy because so many people go to their friends or go to their trusted review sites rather than relying on what some “expert” says. People want to make up their own minds and having positive reviews out for your brand will only help you!

6. Pictorial Brand Awareness

At the end of the day retail sales is the name of the game but to increase sales you need to have the foot traffic there. So coming up with something you unique that your customers can engage with is a great tactic and has made companies millions thanks to social sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. For example, people love a good “selfie” – If you have a landmark display or signage inside your store, and you offer some type of “prize” for those who snap-post-and-share selfies in front of this, then not only are your customers having fun, but they are increasing brand awareness for you.

7. Re-engagement Automation

One more way to increase retail sales is to use re-engagement automation such as, refer-a-friend concept or a “How did we do?” survey. Reconnecting with past customers via loyalty programs, social shares, referrals for a discount, and review requests is a great way to not only remind your customers of who you are and build your brand, but also to get some honest feedback to help better your business. Having an automated system in place the periodically reaches out to past clients is a key way to ensure repeat business and customer loyalty.

Increasing sales is a constant chess game of the mind. You always need to be thinking a step ahead of the competition to get and stay ahead.  Follow these 7 steps to get your retail business where it needs to be to compete in today’s marketplace. If you need some help in this modern marketing game, reach out to us at 3DegreeZ Marketing!

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