strategic marketing services

Defining Your Strategy

We all know that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If we may exploit a cliché, 3DegreeZ is often imitated, never duplicated. Work with us for a soup-to-nuts approach on defining your brand and go-to-market strategy.

What’s in Your Strategy?

“We’ll identify your target goals and learn your business frontwards, backwards and upside-down till your strategy is right-side up.” – by US!

Without a well-defined brand position, your potential audience may be confused. An unclear, muddled set of value statements will dilute your market share. To gain a foothold, take advantage of the branding expertise we provide. Our team prides itself on extracting all the intelligence we need to position your product or service in a way that will get it noticed — for all the right reasons. The end result is your brand statement, promise and with core values. We build this out as big as you want to go — working to establish your core messaging and story, along with Plot B and background — your brand personality, features and benefits.


Visual branding components and guidelines are part of your overall brand architecture and our art department will listen to the emotional tone you’d like your brand to convey, as they dream up your logo and other graphics you want to tell your brand story.

Brand Strategy

Your Brand Essence

To get to the crux of your brand, we carefully listen to all stakeholders and initiate thoughtful conversations. From the 30-second elevator pitch to brand strategy development tools, we’ll conceptualize, produce and refine.

You Say Jump. We Say, “How High?”

So many don’t realize the importance of starting at the beginning when unearthing and breathing life into their brand strategy. This is the time for care and love and nurturing – of this great brand you are bringing into the world. Much like a newborn, its color palatte needs to be selected with care, its language and tone of voice are conceptualized now.

Questions we ask then answer with you include:

What emotional resonance will your brand have? What value will it give to the world? How can it be more affordable than its fellow sisters and brothers? What does it have that makes it that much better than its competitors? What should its logo look like? How can we get it out there — which of our many channels will be used? How will we consistently build conversations with buyer personas?

How far will we go to build brand loyalty? Equity?


Building Your Brand

We want to wipe away any preconceived notions you may have about all the work that goes into the strategic planning of your brand. To be sure, this is the fun part for us, and it will be for you too. Let us help you to:

  • Define your brand
  • Establish brand tone and back story
  • Build core messaging
  • Perform competitive research
  • Orchestrate irresistible pricing and positioning
  • Set up emotional resonance and brand promise
  • Design graphical brand assets