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27 Jun How can B2B companies take advantage of Social Listening to Sell

As social media and technology become an ever-increasing force in modern business, marketing strategies must constantly evolve to stay current and effective. Marketing departments of B2B businesses would be wise to utilize social listening and data analytics. Social listening monitors social media to create marketing strategies that are relevant to the wants, needs, and values of customers. This type of information can be incredibly helpful when used with B2B social selling to generate leads for your company. Companies that fail to utilize analytics risk losing relevance quickly with target groups.


Social listening benefits


Social listening allows companies to keep their finger on the pulse of how people view their brand or products. This is not only useful from a marketing perspective, but also can help companies make better business decisions overall. For instance, social listening allows companies to detect negative feedback or potential risks to the company reputation. Social data also helps guide the development of new products or improve services in a way that genuinely helps make the lives of your clients easier. Social listening also has vast potential to assist with B2B social selling to sell or generate leads. Monitoring the clients or other businesses that mention your company, share your pages, or comment on posts will give you the opportunity to see what those people need or expect from a product. This information can then inform your marketing strategy and allow you to frame new content in a way that meets previously-identified needs. Your marketing campaign will be able to do more than simply publicize your brand. It will be able to provide content that is truly useful and relevant because it answers the questions or needs of consumers.


Connecting with the audience


Finding an audience that will value the mission of your brand is only a small part of social listening. The more important achievement is to connect with that audience and learn more about their motivations, concerns, and passions. In the case of B2B social selling to sell or generate leads, social listening can help you tap into the values and goals of other businesses so that you can tailor future content in a way that speaks to those goals. Understanding the demographics of your audience can be helpful too. If certain products, services, or content seems to resonate with a particular demographic, you may be able to target that demographic with similar messages in the future. Data analysis and other accompanying tools will help your marketing department track this information in real time and capitalize on the information to provide content that is likely to make a sale, generate a lead, or draw in new customers.


Hiring smart


The benefits of social listening are fairly obvious. Enacting an effective social listening strategy is more complicated and requires staffers who have specialized knowledge of data analytics. Designating a specific group within the marketing department to monitor your brand on social media will be an invaluable step. This group can monitor all mentions of your company or other relevant content, such as information about competitors, events, or trends. Employees who are skilled at data analysis will be able to not only find this content, but turn it into useful suggestions for guiding B2B social selling to sell or generate leads. For instance, data analytics may reveal that a large percentage of your client base discusses your brand in relation to music. Learning this may lead you to start advertising on music streaming platforms or to begin an advertising campaign that incorporates references to musical instruments. Employees with data analysis skills will be the most effective at collecting and interpreting this type of information and utilizing it to create concrete guidelines for your company.


Obtaining concrete results


Social listening marketing campaigns must produce concrete, meaningful results in order to be worthwhile. All companies want to see a solid ROI from any type of marketing campaign. Measuring the ROI from social listening can be tricky because it is hard to identify which specific actions effectively helped B2B social selling to sell or generate leads above and beyond original levels. It may be more effective to establish goals that your company wants to achieve during a social listening campaign. You could strive to generate a certain number of new leads, increase sales by a certain percentage, or increase the number of followers or mentions your company receives on social media. If you manage to meet these goals through social listening, you’ll have solid numbers to show investors and potential clients.


Social listening and the creation of high impact content certainly appears to be the wave of the future. B2B social selling to sell or generate leads will be most successful if marketing departments learn to utilize the benefits of social analytics to connect with audiences and achieve meaningful goals.

Michael Medipor
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